Competitions are organized on a team or individual basis and are run at Club, County and National level.  These competitions are arranged at the distances available at various Club ranges.

Air Gun and Small-bore are the most popular forms of the sport in the UK.

Full-Bore competition, mainly centred at Bisley, is fired at ranges up to 600 yards and beyond.

Competitions, both team and individual, are divided into Leagues and Divisions so that competitors only shoot against others of similar ability.

The Club regularly holds internal Club competitions as well as entering teams and individuals in County and National competitions.

Most competitions are divided into divisions so that you only compete against shooters of similar ability.

Other competitions are shot under a handicapping system, based on a shooter’s previous scores.  This handicapping system invariably favours the less able beginner, thus encouraging the less experienced and the junior shooter.

At present the Club teams are competing in the NSRA National competitions and Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey Leagues, both in summer and winter small-bore postal competitions.  Teams normally consist of four or five shooters, and the club enters as many as four teams in each competition. Click here to see a summary of our latest results.

Depending upon the average scoring record of each team, teams are entered into the appropriate division.  If we enter two teams in the same division, then one of our teams can compete against the other.

Each team shoots its cards “at home” against another team in the league and score on a win, draw or lose basis, scoring being performed by an independent scorer.  Normally, each team shoots against another twice in each competition.

The number of cards, each of 10 shots, can vary from two to three cards a month, depending upon the competition rules.

Non-team competitions are also available for the individual shooter, who may or may not be part of a team.

The Club also enters teams in local and national competitions at selected ranges.  The rules in these competitions or matches follow various rules, usually involving 60 shots at ranges from 25 yards to 200 yards.  Internal Club competitions are also held and trophies awarded both for internal and external competition and performance.

Internal Club competitions, normally seven competitions and four internal divisions are also competed annually.

Our sport is a competitive one, promoting friendly contest, and after the competition, friendly co-operation.

Unfortunately, it is not a spectator sport, but it is safe and strictly controlled.

We damage neither life, limb nor property!