Costs & Fees

Range fees are charged for each attendance to cover running costs and insurance for probationers and visitors.

Ammunition Sales:-

Small-Bore Ammunition may be sold to, and removed from the range by, Members holding a Firearms certificate.  Non-Members and Members without a Firearms certificate may purchase ammunition which is retained in the range for use in the range only.

Prices range from £4.00 to £8.25 per box of 50 round for 0.22 ammunition, depending on the grade, and 0.177 airgun pellets are £4.80 per tin of 500.

Six Month Vouchers.

Anyone attending the club as a visitor for more than three meetings MUST apply for probationary membership.  The probationers voucher is to cover 25 attendances, joining fee and a small quantity of ammunition to get you started.


Annual membership   (Senior/Junior)             £72.00/£36.00

Afternoon attendance (Members)      £1.00

Evening attendance    (Members)       £1.00

Probationers attendance        (Senior/Junior)            £4.00/£3.00

Probationers Voucher to include all fees and charges for 6 months excluding ammunition (Senior/Junior)             £90.00/£60.00